Friday, March 27, 2009

Almost halfway there

Had another ob appointment yesterday. All is well. I have gained, what I believe to be a disgusting amount of weight, but my doc didn't even mention it so it must not be that bad. The heartrate was 144 which I thought was kind of slow but they were none concerned so therefore, neither am I. We have another appointment in 4 weeks where they will do an ultrasound. I thought from my last appointment that we would have one in a couple of weeks but I'm really not worried so I'll wait as instructed. I can't believe I'm almost 20 weeks already. It's still so unbelievable. Incredible and unbelievable.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry, I've been a little out of the loop lately. I still read all your blogs every day though. ;) I really don't have much to report which, no news is good new, right? Well, my belly is expanding although I still find it hard to notice. I'm in full-blown maternity pants, no shirts yet, just pants. I did, however, order some maternity shirts from Old.Navy and got some good deals on them. It is my goal not to look frumpy and dishevled while preggers, let's see if I can accomplish that. I swear I'm already having trouble breathing, my ribs feel like they're going to collapse at any second. Don't know if this is normal so early in the pregnancy but I'm sure stuff is just shifting all around in there. I check on the little gal from time to time and her heartbeat's still nice and strong. We bought and assembled a crib last weekend and I've got to tell you, the whole thing is just surreal. I cannot, cannot believe that we've come to this point in our lives finally. The whole reality that, God willing, I will be bringing home a healthy beautiful baby in just five months still has not sunk in. It feels like I'm living someone else's life because it was just a short while ago that I truly thought we would never have children of our own. I don't think it's fully going to sink in until we're in the delivery room. I haven't been as nauseated which is nice, but I find myself terribly irritable all the time. Oh, sweet hormones, what would we do without them?