Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to See the Nurse

Well, yesterday I had such terrible lower back pain and I called the nurse at my doc's office and she said to come in b/c they wanted to make sure it wasn't a UTI or anything of that nature. As I was waiting in really terrible pain for the results from the urine test she let me listen to the heartbeat again. 164 and he/she was just moving all around. Well, the test came back and no infection just really dehydrated and I was sent home. They said I could take some tylenol and apply a low heat for just a few minutes every hour. So nothing too eventful, just some aches and pains as to be expected. I really think it's my sleeping habits. Before pregnancy I always slept on my stomach, now I'm afraid I'm going to squish the baby so side sleeping it is. And as I've read, it's best to sleep on your left side so I try to sleep on that side the most. Doesn't always work out that way, but I try. Last night I wedged a pillow on each side of me and that seemed to help. Pretty soon I'm going to have to kick my husband out of the bed, because I'm even more comfortable when I have room to spread out. Thank goodness we have extra rooms! :)


Andy said...

Not bad.... just read your article, very nice information, but ended some what kind of kidding way.... seriously lucky fellow :)
Back Pain

Jill said...

I have trouble sleeping well, too. I toss and turn and *try* to sleep on left side, but it's hard! Good luck and hope you feel better soon.