Monday, June 15, 2009

31 weeks

I'm 31 weeks today and in a bit better spirits than the last time I posted. Had a rather uneventful weekend, even though my husband and I should be getting things finished for this little one's big debut. But we all know, after working all week long, who wants to spend the weekends working at home? We are such huge procrastinators when it comes to getting things around the house done, hence why we're still working on our remodel a year later. I know we still have nine weeks left until I'm due, but I feel like we have so much yet to get done. I would like to get our hospital bags packed, the diaper bag packed, scrub my house from head to toe, and completely finish the nursery, just to name a few. I would like these things done in the next few weeks to allot for any "unforeseen" occurrences, such as early labor or bed rest. I'm sure these things probably won't happen but you never know and I like to be prepared. So, we'll see if we can kick our butts into gear in the next few weeks and get my list of to-do's finished. On the pregnancy front, I'm still so very swollen but feeling fine other than that. I'm feeling her kicks and punches much more prominent now and for as much as she moves around in there, I swear she's going to be a gymnast. I'm loving it. Every time I feel her move, it gives me reassurance that she's doing ok in there.


Stace said...

I cannot believe you're 31 weeks already. It's crazy how fast the time is going!!! And I know what you mean about loving each little kick and punch! Sometimes I wonder if these guys ever rest, but it's so nice to get the reassurance that everything is still going well!!

Good luck for the next few days and getting everything done for the little one!!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm so glad your doing good.
I understand what you mean about getting things done at home. I feel the same way. I'm just so tired.

Hopefully you'll get a crazy hair and start to get it all done and it doesn't take too long.

Jill said...

Ashley-I have felt just like you! My hubby is a procrastinator and while I'm not, there's a lot of things I can't do without his help these days. So, we still don't have wall art for the nursery. I still need to take some things back from showers to exchange at BRU, probably for diapers (lol).

I promise: packing the hospital bag doesn't take long. While I haven't done it yet (ha), I don't think the diaper bag will take long either. Now scrubing the house from head to toe about hiring a cleaning service to do it? It'll ease your mind and you don't have to lift a finger.

Good luck with everything!!