Monday, July 13, 2009

35 weeks

35 weeks down, only 5 more to go. Crazy. It's coming up so fast. I'm so excited and really quite scared too. I know I will love being a mom, I'm not scared about that. I'm quite honestly scared about the delivery. I tend to be a little bit of a hypochondriac about things so, go figure, every irrational thought is running through my head of what "could" happen but probably wouldn't in a million years. But, I know I'll get through it because, after all, women do this all the time, right??? Okay, enough about that. I've gained almost 40 pounds thus far, yuck. Hope it comes off later. And I know I haven't taken a belly pic in a while, but I don't seem that much bigger but it feels like there is literally no more room in there. My stomach feels stretched to the max. It's getting harder to breathe and her kicks and punches rather hurt sometimes. I swear she's gonna just punch her way out of there. And even though I sit at a desk all day at work, I am soooo uncomfortable and sore by the end of the day. Imagine what would happen if I had to stand all day? How do some women do it? Well, that's all I have for today.


Stace said...

Wohoo for 35 weeks!! It's amazing how fast it is going for you!!! I know what you mean... I am terrified of the delivery too. But I'm living for that moment right after where people claim all the pain and fear doesn't matter any more. :) Take it easy these last few weeks!!

Ashley said...

Yay for 35 weeks!! You're almost there..AMAZING!! I'm so excited for you!

sweetpeanme said...

Delivery is definitely...a sort of
"unknown" territory isn't it? We want to be cute and pregnant. We want the sweet little baby...its just those 12 hours in between that we could do without *wink*

Four words for you.



Meant to be a mom said...

35 weeks your soooo close!!
I don't blame you for being worried. I'm scared too but your closer than I am to delivery so I can't imagine what your feeling. I'll pray lots for you guys for a safe and healthy delivery.

Wendy said...

I recently came across your blog - and just wanted to say that although I don't know you, I am rooting for you and you have given me some hope for our future in carrying a healthy baby to term-congrats on the past 35 weeks! ;)