Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Tooth!

Having fun playing

My first 4th of July

Swimming in my little pool

Finally Randi has gotten her second tooth, it's right next to her first one on the bottom. It popped up on Thursday. She's nearly a year old and only two teeth. She wants to eat real food so bad but without any chompers she just can't have much. She loves mashed potatoes though! Randi's first birthday is fast approaching and we were going to have a big bash for her but so many of my family members wouldn't be able to attend so we have decided on having just something small at our house with just the grandparents and us. That's all we need anyway right? I wish we could have done something bigger, I had such a vision in my head. Maybe next year. Randi is doing so many new things these days. She is shaking her head yes now and will shake it yes if we ask her if she is hungry or wants a bottle. She was just shaking it "no" previously. She waves bye and is standing on her own at times. She hasn't gotten brave enough to try to walk on her own but she can cruise right along when holding on to something.

I have to get her One Year pictures taken, we have tried several people in the past and I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that I need to learn more about photography and buy a good camera and take the pictures myself. Any suggestions? I am literally a huge dummy when it comes to cameras. I can barely work my cheap digital one that I have. But we have been spending small fortunes every time we get her pictures taken and it will be totally more cost effective if I can learn to do them myself. Can't be that difficult right if you have the right equipment?

Well, it's time to put Randi to bed. Hope you all are doing well!

(I have yet to figure out how to get my pictures to post in the right order, sorry!)


Dawn said...

She is so darn cute!! Is it common for babies to take awhile for their teeth to grow in?

I hear ya on the pics. I want to take my own but I suck!! Ella over at Baby Love has some of the best pics ever that she takes all on her own. Perhaps you can ask her what kind of camera she uses.

Stace said...

I totally couldn't figure out how to post pictures in the right order for the longest time because blogger wouldn't let me just cut and paste, but now it does. So I can upload all the photos I want and then when I start writing I can just cut and paste the photos where I want to put them... :)