Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IUI and 2ww

Well, we had our IUI on Monday and now we're on to the two weeks wait. I have got to say that the IUI was a complete waste of time, but I hope it works. We got an IUI because the semen analysis my husband had a while back was low so the doc said an IUI would help our chances a little bit more than, you know, doing things the old fashioned way. Well, before the IUI the doc read us our results from the sample my husband not so graciously gave them, and it was off the charts! His results we so good the doc said that it wasn't necessary that we get the insemination but seeing as how I was already on the table half undressed and feet in stirrups, we went ahead with the appointment anyway. This doc was not my usual RE so it was nice to hear another opinion about our situation. He basically said the same thing my RE said, but emphasized that he believes it's the quality of my eggs that's holding us back from carrying a child to term. So he said, if this doesn't work this time, we're gonna overload me on the stims and get a good three to four eggs out of me. The last two cycles I've only have one good egg. One!?! Really?!? All those meds and I come out no better than I would on my own. And whilst searching the internet as I so frequently do, I read that a high protein diet helps eggs grow better. So, not only will we increase the stims next time but I will be loading up on anything that's high in protein. Hey, whatever works right?

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sweetpeanme said...

That is so exciting! I hope everything works out! We go in this monday for our IUI...OH BOY...not looking forward to that 2WW!!