Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Randi's first tooth

My daughter turned 9 months old yesterday and on that day we discovered a little somethin' somethin' in her mouth, a little pearly white tooth emerging from her gums!! She hasn't been sleeping very good, she'll wake up every other hour crying and she's been doing this for about a week now and this tooth explains why. She's been perfect throughout the day so I can't complain. We're so excited about her tooth, I didnt' think they would ever come. :) A few other milestones I'd like to mention as I use this blog somewhat to keep track of what Randi's doing, she's very very quickly crawling now. About a month ago she was scooting all over and just last week she's full blown crawling. She stands up next to everything and sometimes thinks she can walk and quickly lets go of whatever it is she is holding on to and then plops firmly on her little behind. She is much more vocal and I swear she's telling us stories. She'll ramble on for sometimes 10 minutes at a time just talking in her own little language. I love it! She is absolutely in love with the Sprout channel. There's this little chicken on there I think, it is called Chica and every time she comes on Randi smiles big and claps her hands. She does the same thing for Elmo too. I love love love being a Mom to her. She is absolutely a wonderful baby. She's still a pretty terrible sleeper but I'm sure that will get better as she gets older. I will leave you with a pic of Randi's new teeth. Ok, so they're fake halloween teeth that her aunt thought would be funny and so did Randi. She played right along and underneath those teeth was making a huge smile. She's such a ham! The pictures hard to see but it totally cracks me up.


Dawn said...

LOL what a cute picture!! So happy to hear everything is going well with you!! Think of you often.

Ashley said...

yay!! She's adoeable!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Haha, That picture is awesome!
Yay for her getting her first tooth. It makes me feel better knowing she is 9 months and just getting her first. My son is 8 months and still no sign of a tooth. Hopefully he'll get his one day :)

I'm glad she's doing good, I hope she starts sleeping better though. :(

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

What a cutie!!

prashant said...

She's adoeable!!
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