Thursday, October 16, 2008

On to cycle #2

Well, the first rounds of meds didn't work. The evil wench known as Aunt Flo came right on schedule and completely, excuse my french, pissed me off for the whole day. I was so angry and sad all together. It was a terrible day. I really have to say I was completely shocked that it came because I thought we would have got pregnant on our first try. What the heck??? Did I really think it was going to work like that? Apparently so. Well now on to cycle number two. I have an ultrasound tomorrow and start the meds again that day too. Also I asked my doc about testing the level of my natural killer cells? anyone heard of them? apparently not so common because my doctor didn't know what I was talking about. Either way, I hope he does some research and orders the test. I'm just grabbing at straws probably but it never hurts to try. Well, here we go again, I thought i was ready for the long haul through all this but with every blow it just knocks me down again.

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Emily said...

I am sorry :( Good luck with cycle 2!