Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Every Day

Let me preface this post that what you are about to read is in absolutely no way a complaint. I feel that I must share what I'm going through not just emotionally as I have been, but physically. Since about 6 1/2 weeks I have been completely nauseated. This nausea doesn't come just in the morning as many people like to refer to it, but it's an all day, can't get a minute of relief, nausea. I have not yet thrown up but I feel it is fast approaching. I gag repeatedly throughout the day, either from certain smells, when I blow my nose, when I got to the bathroom, after I take my pills, when my husband's cooking dinner, gag, gag, gag. I am one of those people who refuse to puke no matter what. If I'd just get it done and over with I just might feel a little better perhaps. When we found out we were pregnant I was drinking at least 64 ounces of liquids a day and now I find it hard to slurp down 40. I don't eat much, the typical staples to "curing" nausea such as crackers, ginger ale and the like, do not work in the least bit. I even bought those Preggie Pops that are supposed to help and sure enough, they don't. I have even worn those motion sickness bracelets that are supposed to work by use of pressure points and guess what, those don't work either. I so want my belly to be growing and my pants to no longer fit but that hasn't happened just yet, I swear my belly's getting rounder but it's probably all in my head. My boobs aren't as sore but as one thing goes away another one comes, constipation. I am truly uncomfortable when I sleep. I find it so easy to fall asleep as soon as I get home from work for a nap but when it's time to turn in for the night all I do is toss and turn (thought the restless sleep came later?). My husband has been so wonderful through everything. He has taken care of all the household duties, dishes, laundry, cleaning, the trash (that's always been his), grocery shopping and anything else that needs done he does. I am undeniably, certifiably, blissfully miserable and honest to God, I couldn't be happier. I say a prayer Every Day that this little one, just months from now, will make it in my arms. And if he/she so feels the need to make it's mom to be completely and utterly sick the rest of my pregnancy then so it will be. I'll take this baby any way I can get her, sick or not sick.


sweetpeanme said...

AMEN SISTER!!! Wow...go hubby...taking over the chores!! :o)

Yeah...please post how your feeling and stuff...its always interesting to hear how people feel (physically) during pregnancy!

I say...go for it. Just vomit already!! :o) You WILL feel dunno maybe you won't cuz you're preggo and maybe it doesn't work that way! :o)

Straubles said...

So exciting. I hear you about the constipation issue--it was so awful for me after the transfer that I started mixing Benefiber into my beverages. It really helped and somehow there isn't that gag taste factor that alot of the other fiber supplements have. :-)

Jill said...

I hope you feel better soon. I do have to say I can relate to the constipation. It's awful. ((hugs))