Saturday, January 3, 2009

Visit to the ER

Don't worry, nothing major. But yesterday I had some brown discharge (TMI, sorry) and I got a little worried and seeing as how both my RE and OB were out due to the holiday I had no choice but to go to the ER. They did an u/s and put my mind at ease. Everything looked fine. There was a little tear of some sort somewhere down below (didn't quite understand what the tech was telling me) but said it's completely normal. The little bambino now has formed it's head and nubs for arms and legs. I hope it keeps on growing. The heart rate has also went up to 175. I got my hcg levels tested again to, as I have been doing twice weekly, and those also went up. I'm all the way up to 90,000. And boy, can I tell they've gone up. The nausea is more than sinking but I don't care. As long as this pregnancy progresses as it's supposed, I'll feel sick every day if I have to. I'm still anxiously awaiting our ultrasound this coming Thursday. I hope I'll feel more at ease then and start to enjoy what's going on in my body and not worry every second of every day. Yeah right, I'll still worry, just not as much. ;)


Emily said...

Glad everything is ok. Sorry you are feeling sick :(

sweetpeanme said... gotta promise to NEVER title your post that way again!!! My heart sunk through the floor when I read it!! But I am glad that it ended up being nothing! Being sick is probably very encouraging! (at least knowing what's making you feel that way!) Hooray!!

Karen said...

I am glad to hear everything is OK! Good for you for going to the ER to put your mind at ease. Everything sounds wonderful. I am so happy for you.


Jill said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well, but so glad all is well with the baby. Good luck at your u/s on Thursday!