Monday, January 5, 2009

No More Hormones

My doctor's office called me with the results of my last beta that I had done on Friday and the nurse said the my RE did not want me testing anymore. I asked if it was because my hcg levels could go down on their because between 8-12 weeks the placenta will start to take over. And she said, no, it's because these numbers won't tell us anything anymore. So, I simply said, okay, I won't get tested anymore. I know the numbers don't really say much as this point, but the fact that they go up means that the fetus is still alive. But whatever, the doc says don't do it so I should respect his decision and no do it. And I'm going to. I guess if the last miscarriage we had at eight weeks wasn't detected until my hormone levels dropped than it wouldn't mean so much to me to get my levels tested. We do have an appointment on Thursday and that will tell us a lot more anyway. I just need to realize that if this pregnancy is going to end as the others have in the past, that there's nothing that I can do about it and to just put my faith in God and trust the doctor. After all, why are we paying this man so much if I'm not going to trust what he says? So now we wait, like we have been. I should really pray for patience because I don't possess much of it.

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sweetpeanme said...

Patience...yeah its not the most wonderful thing to learn to have...can't say I have any of it either!
You're right about the trust though...but I know its frustrating when you can't "do" was nice that you could kindof track your little bean's progress...
Still praying for you!