Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little peace of mind

I just spoke to the nurse at my doctor's office and she said right away that my numbers looked good and immediately I interjected and said, "Are you sure?". "Are you looking at the right numbers???". She said they almost doubled and they had a decent jump from the last beta so she said, no, she wasn't concerned. And I asked about ectopic and she said they don't see ectopic pregnancies with a high progesterone (39.6) that I had when we first tested. So, I said "ok, if you're not concerned then I'm not concerned." A complete and blaintant lie, but I do feel slightly, and I mean slightly, better. I am still preparing for the worst as I always do and I still can't help but feel that the worst is yet to come but have not completely given up all hope just yet. Almost, but not just yet. Thank you for you kind words of encouragement. It really helps me so much. It makes tough times a little easier to get through.

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sweetpeanme said...

*PHEW* I read your first post and didn't notice the second one on my dashboard until after I finished reading and was like "Oh no!! What happened today!!!??? She'd better post soon!!!" And sure enough, you did! I'm so glad you had good news. Keep growing little one!!!